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1 year ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 18: Look at the Big Picture

Last week, we talked about taking some time to appreciate the little things in your life (or even creating happy little things as lachaise suggested). This week, we’re exploring the opposite and seeing the positivity in looking at the big picture. Read the rest of this entry on Persephone Magazine→

1 year ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 17: Appreciate the Little Things

I came out with my love for The Happiness Project last week, which was perfect timing since this week’s topic was inspired by one of the days on my Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar. Read the rest of this entry on Persephone Magazine→

1 year ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 16: Finding Your Positivity Mentors

Can you believe we’re a third of the way through the year already? I hope everyone who’s been following this challenge has seen some changes in the way they think about and react to things so far. As I say at the end of every post, I don’t expect that every post will be super-relevant to every reader, but I hope you’ve been able to take what’s been useful to you and benefit from it. Finding the kind of positivity that works for you isn’t a path that one writer can lead you down, though, so this week, we’ll tackle how to find your Positivity Mentors. Read the rest of this entry at Persephone Magazine→

1 year ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 15: Embracing Silliness

One of my fictional Positivity Mentors (that’ll be next week’s topic) is Phoebe from Friends. While her character may have been conceived and initially portrayed as the dumb blonde, the writers clearly saw that Lisa Kudrow could give them so much more than that and created one of the most interesting characters in television history. Read the rest of this entry at Persephone Magazine→

1 year ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 14: Putting Yourself Out There

We’re going to put all our hard work on positivity into action this week with a challenge that might push many of you outside of your comfort zones. This week, I want you to put yourself out there and try something new. Read the rest of this entry at Persephone Magazine→

1 year ago | 1 note

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 13: Body Positivity

In becoming more positive about ourselves, we’ve tackled hearing nice things about ourselves and getting ourselves moving. This week, we’re going to tackle the hardest type of positivity to master for many people: Body Positivity. TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of body image, body dysmorphic disorder, and eating disorders. Read the rest of this entry at Persephone Magazine→

2 years ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 12: Get Out and Move!

Continuing in our effort to internalize positivity, this week I’m going to tackle a somewhat contentious topic: Exercise. In fact, I’m going to try and use the word exercise as little as possible. How about we call it “Movement”? Getting up and moving can be one of the hardest things to actually start doing, but the rewards can boost your positivity and mood in general more than anything other than pharmaceuticals practically.
You’re heard it before and you’ll hear it again after this: Exercise releases endorphins. Beyond the effects that physical fitness has on your body, the effects it has on your mood and mental health can be even more powerful. Some studies have shown that it can even make your brain process information more effectively. From personal experience, I can vouch for the boost in energy and mood that comes along with an increase in my level of activity.

Read more at the article.

2 years ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 11: Thankfulness and Perspective

I don’t think it’s any secret that I frequently use things that are happening around me as inspiration for topics in the Positivity Series. I hope you’ll indulge me for a particularly personal (read: no lists this week, sorry) entry, dedicated to a very special co-worker.
Now, before I get started, I want to differentiate between the thought processes of “there is genocide in Darfur, how dare you care about your small, silly problems,” and “yeah, I feel like crap today, but I can put that in perspective.” Usually, the former comes from an outside perspective, intending to shame us for our feelings. I’m not down with that. Feelings are feelings and you can’t always help how you feel, even if it isn’t rational. Yeah, my disappointment in not being able to snag tickets for the midnight showing of The Hunger Games with the rest of my friends is nothing compared to mass murder, but since I don’t have a frame of reference for one, it’s not as real a feeling to me as the other. Rather, I like to feel my feelings, but limit the time I’m allowed to sulk for minor things, reminding myself that it’s not worth the time and effort.

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2 years ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 10: Accepting Compliments

Spring is just around the corner. In most places, the weather is brightening up, clocks just changed (or will in a few weeks), and we’re well on our way out of the winter doldrums. For the first couple of months, I’ve focused a lot on how to react positively to negatives around you… now it’s time to start turning that positivity on ourselves. The first step to doing that: learning how to accept compliments.

I’m not really sure why I, along with many other people I know, find it so hard to take compliments. Whether it’s fear of appearing arrogant, uneasiness with complimenting back, or just a genuine disbelief in what you’re being complimented on, the urge to talk down the compliment is strong. But shutting out the good things others think of you can be seriously detrimental to your emotional well-being. Since we’ve already mastered the art of the Drive-By Compliment, it’s time we master the art of gracefully accepting compliments ourselves.

Read more at the article.

2 years ago | 2 notes

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 6: Checking In

We’re a month into our Positivity Challenge and I think this week is a good time to check in and see how everyone’s doing. One of the greatest things that happens when you are more mindful about positivity is that you find the positivity comes back to you. Call it karma, the three-fold return law, coincidence, whatever you like…it happens. I’d like to share a couple of ways it’s returned to me this month.