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#SocialWeddingSurvey Results Are In!


The Knot partnered with Mashable.com to find out how many of you are changing your status at the altar, showing off your ring online and hashtagging your weddings. Turns out 62% of you are totally cool with your guests posting pics of your wedding on Facebook; 75% of you are planning to show off the honeymoon pics; and 64% of you are say okay to email invites — just not for the wedding itsefl.  The full results below!

This post is a really good example of knowing your audience and where they look for you. For wedding vendors, Facebook and Pinterest are where your efforts should be centered. And pictures, pictures, pictures are where it’s at. This reminds me of an article one of my friends (the event manager at a popular venue) posted the other day: Marketing for Wedding Photographers | Think Like A Bride. Photos are the best marketing tool for wedding vendors, so photographers should make sure they get their photos out there to other related vendors; it’s the perfect give and take relationship

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100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom [Updated]


Here are the first four:

  1. Ask for information: Instead of trusting Wikipedia, ask the crowd on Facebook. One kindergarten teacher asked parents to research seeds and got great information about the largest seed in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
  2. Attend remote lectures: Using Facebook, you can tune into remote lectures and presentations from around the world.
  3. Museums and more: Help your students follow along with local and international museums, art galleries, exhibits, and more for enriched learning on Facebook.
  4. Firsthand research: Students can connect with family members for genealogy assignments, discuss issues with local celebrities and more through Facebook.
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5 Kinds Of Admins Every Facebook Page Should Have - All Facebook

Not all page administrators have equal responsibilities and Facebook knows it.

The social network said it would provide the ability to create five different levels of admin access to pages as soon as the end of this month.

(We’re talking about pages, not developers, who already have the ability to create four different levels of access to their applications.)

Facebook Product Manager Jeff Kanter only specified what three of the five levels would be, according to our peer blog Inside Facebook.

The three Kanter mentioned during a session at the Facebook Marketing Conference are: full access; publishing only, and page insights.

For those of you who might want to start planning ahead, we’ve got some ideas on how to allocate five tiers of access.

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Socially Acceptable: The Future of Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Users of social networks are getting tired of sharing — but that doesn’t mean sharing is on the decline. A new study analyzes sharing behaviors on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and makes predictions for the future of sharing.

Digital agency Beyond released the study for Social…

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What The Facebook Like Button Looks Like Around The World


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Best Times to Send out Social Media Messaging to your Audience (via @_alastair)

Always something to keep in mind. Especially that 1-4 (closer to 1) tweets per hour graphic. 

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