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2 years ago | 3 notes

[Persephone Magazine] Interview: Poet and Educator Sarah Kay

I recently had the opportunity to interview Sarah Kay and it was an amazing conversation. Two of my favorite parts from the article: 

PM: What is your writing process? Do you sit and think through every word of every stanza or do you just write freely and allow the words to flow? How do the words and the rhythm and the movements come together?

SK: Here’s what I like to tell people: Poetry is like pooping. If there’s a poem in you, it has to come out. Sometimes it comes out easily, sometimes it takes a great deal of effort and takes longer than you want it to. But it needs to come out. And you can quote me on that.

PM: One thing that really resonates with me in your work is when you realized that you didn’t need to be indignant to be a spoken word performer and the inherent positivity in your work. That’s not really a question, just something I wanted to say to you.

SK: I think that poetry is always a celebration. Even sad poetry or angry poetry. When I’m writing a poem, I am rejoicing in the language, the emotion, the memory. If that comes off as positivity, then I guess that’s neat. It kind of surprises me to hear that, actually. A lot of the poems I write strike me as melancholy. Or at least, they stemmed from melancholy or nostalgia. But perhaps my stubborn optimism leaks through even when I don’t plan it.

Read More at Persephone Magazine.

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