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2 years ago | 60 notes

100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom [Updated]


Here are the first four:

  1. Ask for information: Instead of trusting Wikipedia, ask the crowd on Facebook. One kindergarten teacher asked parents to research seeds and got great information about the largest seed in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
  2. Attend remote lectures: Using Facebook, you can tune into remote lectures and presentations from around the world.
  3. Museums and more: Help your students follow along with local and international museums, art galleries, exhibits, and more for enriched learning on Facebook.
  4. Firsthand research: Students can connect with family members for genealogy assignments, discuss issues with local celebrities and more through Facebook.
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    Hvorfor Facebookforbud på arbeidsplassen er både irriterende og skadelig.
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    This is pretty awesome. Especially given the current movement towards keeping social media out of the classroom.
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