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2 years ago

[Persephone Magazine] Positivity Challenge Week 10: Accepting Compliments

Spring is just around the corner. In most places, the weather is brightening up, clocks just changed (or will in a few weeks), and we’re well on our way out of the winter doldrums. For the first couple of months, I’ve focused a lot on how to react positively to negatives around you… now it’s time to start turning that positivity on ourselves. The first step to doing that: learning how to accept compliments.

I’m not really sure why I, along with many other people I know, find it so hard to take compliments. Whether it’s fear of appearing arrogant, uneasiness with complimenting back, or just a genuine disbelief in what you’re being complimented on, the urge to talk down the compliment is strong. But shutting out the good things others think of you can be seriously detrimental to your emotional well-being. Since we’ve already mastered the art of the Drive-By Compliment, it’s time we master the art of gracefully accepting compliments ourselves.

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